He Has Millions, and he can’t spend them: 1,000 Bitcoin coins seized from him for 11 years

An anonymous user announced on the Reddit network that he has $36 million in Bitcoin coins on his PC, which has been in storage for 11 years, and that he does not know how to get his fortune.

This user said that at the end of 2009, he dug Bitcoin on his laptop for a few weeks, and then he packed his laptop with things, put it in a warehouse, and moved across the ocean.

He decided to go back and try to get Bitcoin coins out of his laptop, but he is not sure how to do it.

Pioneers of cryptocurrency

In his post, this user notes that in 2009 he was interested in everything related to the economy and currencies.

At some point, he came across a Bitcoin manifesto(whitepaper), and after a little reading, he decided to download the Bitcoin client and start digging.

He dug for several weeks, without much knowledge and importance about what he was doing, because he wanted to support the idea of a virtual currency, which he then considered to have a bright future.

During 2010, that computer, together with the furniture, ended up in a warehouse, and he moved across the ocean.

The plan is to go back, take the laptop and see if there is still a Bitcoin client on it.

He also mentioned that his computer probably has private keys, because there were no virtual wallets at that time.

Millionaire or not?

When he returns, enormous wealth or weeping in despair awaits him.

That is why he asked other users of the Reddit network what to do, and several users calculated that he should have about 1000 coins on his laptop or 36 million dollars.

A good part of the users who joined the discussion mentioned to him that he should be careful because there are a lot of fraudsters who can deceive him and take his money.

The suggestions are mostly to take the computer to the service and ask them to extract important data from him, but not to talk about what is on the disk.

There are more examples like this because a large number of users dug cryptocurrencies in the beginning without knowing that their value will skyrocket, whether it’s Bitcoin, or paying for the most expensive pizza in the world.