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Streamix is where decentralized finance meets content creators, streamers, gamers, and mass adoption of cryptocurrency begins.

Streamix is a combination of DeFi Social Media, Streaming & Gaming platform which will let users socialize, post images, post and stream videos, swap crypto, play games, and earn cryptocurrencies as rewards.

As Streamix connects seamlessly with all other social media, streaming, and gaming platforms it is positioned to build a massive userbase in a short period of time.

Streamix brings Social Media, Streaming & Gaming all in one platform to provide ease of access to its user.

With the help of DeFi & distributed ledger technology, we are working on building a decentralized system that would involve an effective reward-sharing method between Streamix and its users.

Utility of Streamix (MIXS) token and transparency of smart contracts will help to ensure that everyone gets the fair share.

Streaming with Streamix will allow users to watch their favorite shows with friends or fans, where anyone can host and have voice conversations.

Yes, you will have fun & earn cryptocurrencies for streaming, socializing, exchanging coins, and more!